About Us

Hi everyone! 😀

This blog is done by four secondary three students, se are Huihan, Jing Ying, Pei Ting and Yuning from Nanyang Girls’ High school. This blog is done as part of our project, our LA SIA- Language Arts Student-Initiated-Assessment.

Through this blog, we really hope you can understand more about code switching, learn the importance of code switching and know how to code switch! (:

We feel that code switching is very important and crucial in our lives nowadays, especially when Singlish is widely used, and at the same time proper English is emphasized.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Yuying

    Especially for foreign students like us, we initially learnt American English or British English. However, we need to try hard to adapt to Singlish language environment so as to better interact with our local friends. Therefore, the importance of code switching can be applied on us as well.
    Really a useful and meaningful LA project and nice website!!! 🙂

  2. YG

    The website is well done and successfully attractes my attention:) I also get a lot of information from this>< thx and Jiayou guys!

  3. Ziqian

    I love the poster! XD
    It is quite nice!
    Also, from the website, I have learnt quite a lot. Good job guys!


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